PPC Management

Google Partners PPC Management

Pay per click – PPC management demands a specialist skill set and considerable experience in search engine marketing and banner advertising. Unfortunately, many businesses make the mistake of attempting to manage their PPC campaigns in house with inexperienced staff. Google AdWords is an advanced, multi-dimensional online advertising interface that takes focus, expertise and experience to master. Our PPC Management services represent an ideal, cost effective solution for businesses that want the increased traffic and profit that efficient pay per click advertising campaigns can deliver.

Remarketing Banners

At SEO Ireland Pod, we can provide you with professional remarketing banners to help drive your business potential to the next level. With our remarketing strategies, we can deliver efficient and targeted customer advertisements to boost your companies potential. Our online marketing experts will tailor-make the perfect solution for you.

We specialise in:

  • Google pay per click (PPC) search advertising
  • Banner advertising on the GDN (Google Display Network).
  • Retargeting (also known as remarketing).

Our dedicated PPC account managers team are all Google AdWords Certified and focus on the four main components of effective PPC management:

Setup – keyword research, ad group creation, targeting and landing page URL setup.

Bid management to get the maximize traffic from your budget.

Maintenance – when your targets are being hit, we will continually monitor and optimize your campaign. New keywords, placements and banners will be introduced, and non-performers will be cut on an ongoing basis.

Optimization – cutting non performing ads, placements (if using the GDN) and keywords, and enhancing the relevance of your pages for a better quality score and lower CPC (costs per click).

The mobile web is also growing exponentially, where provides further opportunities for google PPC advertising – separate campaigns can now be set up to target customers on mobiles and tablets for more traffic and enhanced brand awareness.

We can deliver impressive results and a positive ROAS (return on advertising spend) in all of these key areas.

Google analytics is also seamlessly integrated for a complete PPC management and conversion tracking solution.

To speak with one of our pay per click managers, contact us now!