Top Website Design Trend for 2014

Published on 27/01/2014

Simplified websites – In a world of information overload more and more companies are opting for simplified websites. Homepages have less sliding banners and simpler easy to identify marketing messages. General content is also easy to read in a language that is easy to understand. Progressive companies are increasingly understanding the limited time that a website user spends on a website and are homing a clear simple message across their website.

Long scrolling sites – This trend is continuing into 2014. The homepage is a valuable online real estate location and companies are increasingly ensuring that the homepage keep on giving.

Personality Fonts – Fonts say a lot about a website personality. Last year there was an explosion of font personality and for now this trend is here to stay.

Simple colour schemes – The days od the old singing and dancing websites are evaporating. There is a clear trend toward sites with low key simple colour schemes often only using two colours.

What is the message for 2014? Simplify, Simplify, Simplify. Make sure that your website design gives clear simple messages and express personality subtly.