Managing a Website Rebrand

Published on 13/03/2014

Web Designers in Dublin with the expertise to manage a website rebrand seamlessly.

Whatever the reason for a website rebrand it is important that you make the transition to your new website as seamless as possible and ensure that you time the rebranding of all your social media channels. SEO Ireland make the following recommendations:

1. Have a clear reason for a rebrand. It is time consuming and can cause a temporary dip in rankings so make sure that the temporary pain is worthwhile. A merging of two companies means there is no other way around the issue but in other cases make sure the business case for a rebrand makes sense.

2. The most important step is to ensure that you do not lose the SEO rankings from your old site. Redirections need to be carefully mapped out. Take all the old pages and map where new redirections to the same or similar content on your new website. The best way to do this is to create a table of all old URLS and map where they will point to on your new site.

3. Do not take down your old site until you are sure that your new site is being read by search engines. It can take 3 days or more for the search engines to understand that your domains are pointing to a new IP address. To be on the safe side wait up to two weeks before taking down old sites.

4. Update new pages to all social media channels.
a. Facebook – allows you to update business name once only and attached urls also once only.

b. Twitter – change in profile settings and set up new account. Remember to tell all old followers that you have changed names!

c. LinkedIn – To change company url you will have to contact LinedIn technical support and they have reasonably quick response times.

d. Google+ – make sure you do not lose authorship by clicking “contributor to” link on his/her Google+ profile and changing authorship URL.