SEO tutorial

Published on 12/11/2014

What should we consider when optimising a website for search engines?

1. Domain Address:

SEO Tutorial - Domain AddressIf you are looking to optimise a site in Ireland you should have an Irish domain address, e.g:
If you are looking to optimise a site to an international audience then you should have a .com address, e.g.

  • It is much easier to rank on with an Irish website address.
  • Contact your hosting company and ask them to change your website address.
  • Make sure that if you are changing your website domain address that you redirect the old website into the new one.

Note: If your website is already ranking well leave as is. If you are starting an SEO campaign and you have a website not ranking well then change.

2. Your Homepage

SEO tutorial - your homepage

  • Information on your website needs to be easy for user to find.
  • If possible keep all information on your website no more than 2 clicks from the homepage.
  • Your top navigation should include your most important keywords if possible.
  • Your homepage should include some text that includes your keywords.
  • Homepage is the page that Google uses to understand your most important keywords so pay attention to the keywords on this page.




3. Site Content


  • Target no more than 2 keywords per page.
  • Create approximately 3 paragraphs of text per page
  • The days of stuffing keywords into your website text to help them rank are long gone. You are looking for a keyword density of 2-3%. This means mention a keyword 2 or 3 times for every 100 words.
  • Only use original and unique content. Content copied from another site or anywhere else online is penalised by Google under the duplicate content rule.
  • Do not duplicate content even within your own site. Every page should have its own unique content.



4. Meta Tags


  • When you search for a keyword in Google you are given a title and description of a website. You can determine what description is visible of your company using meta-title and meta description.
  • In most modern websites you can access the meta tags through your content management system.
  • Your meta tags and meta tags are what tells Google what your website is about and is one of the most important SEO factors.