SEO in Ireland

Published on 27/01/2014

How do I optimise my website for local searches?

There is many things you can do as a small business owner to enhance your Google rankings. Unfortunately SEO takes time and effort but will pay dividends if you rise to the top of the Google.

1. Work by Google rules. Google wants to provide quality content to its users so make sure that everything you do feeds into this golden rule of SEO. Your website text, blogs, social media updates should have unique and quality content.
2. Create local links to your site. Look at prominent business directories and get your business listed online.
3. Make sure that your website has no errors and a sitemap.
4. Create articles that will people will want to read and distribute them online with a link to your website.
5. Pay attention to social media marketing. Use Hootesuite to manage your different social media channels and make a monthly plan of what and when to update.
6. Make sure you are listed on Google places because this way you ensure that you will rank for local searches relevant to your business.