Feeling Blue on Page 2 with Poor SEO Results?

Published on 16/01/2014

Are you one of the many businesses feeling blue on page 2 of Google and wondering why you cannot get your website onto the coveted page 1? You are not alone…It is a common problem now that even companies who work hard on their SEO reach a barrier on page 2 on Google. There are so many companies targeting the same keywords and not enough space on the first page of Google.

You have worked hard on your website, you have followed the Google guidelines and still your business is not ranking on the coveted first page. You are probably eyeing up your more successful competitors on page 1 and wondering how they are achieving what you can’t. How can you achieve SEO success in Ireland?

Here is a list of actions to take this Year to give Your Website that Final Boost:

  1. Review the keywords you are targeting.

You should have a list of the keywords that you are targeting on your site. You should be aware of what keywords you are targeting on what pages. See where you are actually ranking for every keyword. You should concentrate on the keywords that are close to ranking.

  1. The SEO basics will always be there. Do an audit to make sure that all the basics are done correctly:
    1. Do you have relevant content on your site? Is your content relevant to the keywords you are trying to rank for?
    2. Is your site well written in an easy to read format with no grammatical mistakes?
    3. Keyword placement is important but do not keyword stuff – this means mention the one keyword too many times.
    4. Fill in your keyword titles and descriptions. These can be found in the backend of your site and can normally be filled in through your CMS (content management system).
    5. Use H1 and H2 header tags. Use your most important keywords in your headings.
    6. Make sure your site has no coding errors.
  1. Create unique content that is useful to your target audience. Do not add to the noise of the web with pointless articles – give your audience the sort of content they want to read. Become a thought leader in your field with content that educates and engages. If page 2 has thought you anything it is content for content sake is not worth it. Spice up your content and spice up your life.
  1. Drive traffic to your site from your social media pages. Think of creative ways to attract followers to your social media sites and direct the traffic to your website. Traffic attracts traffic so get busy.
  1. Sort out any duplicate content issues. Do a duplicate content check and make sure that the content on your site is original.
  1. Be consistent. Good rankings takes work over a long time period. Do not expect to work on your site for a couple of weeks and sail onto page 1. SEO is a long term strategy that takes planning and good execution.
  1. Add content to your blog and link to this content from other sites. Try and submit some of your stronger articles to sites that accept guest posts.

If you would like professional help with improving your website rankings in Dublin The Marketing Pod employ a team of qualified SEO experts and SEO consultants that will give your website a full audit. We provide a free no obligation SEO report and a list of actionable items that will get your website rankings to where you want to go. Call us today on 01 406 4219 to request your consultation.