Google AdWords

Google Adwords – Targeted. Efficient. Cost Effective.

Google AdWords are the ads (“sponsored links”) that appear at the top and right hand side of Google search results. Essentially a client bids to appear at the top of Google search results for chosen keywords.

Google AdWords is a targeted, efficient and cost effective way to reach your target audience and the results are immediate. You only pay for the Google placement when a prospective customer clicks on your ad.

The Marketing Pod is expert at managing AdWord campaigns so that our clients receive the maximum return on their investment.

We offer tailored solutions to suit your business or industry and work on campaigns of all sizes.


Why Employ The Marketing Pod to manage your Pay Per Click or AdWords campaign?

  • The Marketing pod do not oblige customers to enter long term contracts for Pay Per Click campaigns – you only keep paying a monthly fee if you are happy with the results that our campaigns achieve
  • We have a demonstrable record of success as outlined in our case studies
  • We charge a fixed fee for campaign management instead of percentage cost of AdWords campaign so there is no conflict of interest when advising budget
  • We constantly monitor clients AdWords accounts to ensure that every client is receiving the maximum return on investment.
  • We provide you with a monthly report detailing Pay Per Click effectiveness

Our Pay Per Click (PPC) Process

Information Gathering

At this stage it is important to gain a mutual understanding of what your company wants to achieve from an AdWords campaign. We will discuss with you in detail your company history, key products and services, competitors and target market. We will ask about your goals and objectives and determine your barometers of success for an AdWord campaign. Clarity at this stage eliminates risk and ensures the highest impact for your budget.

Keyword Implementation

Your keywords are without doubt the most important part of the AdWord campaign because they will determine whether you will attract your target market and the people most likely to purchase your service or product. Keywords need to be not too broad so they attract irrelevant website traffic but not too narrow that they eliminate possible customers. We guide you through this process and lay down the foundations for a balanced AdWord campaign that will convert website visitors into customers.

Campaign Management

After choosing keywords it is very important to monitor performance and bidding to ensure that clients are gaining the best possible return on investment. Effective bid management ensures the best possible cost per customer conversion and minimises wasteful bidding. The Marketing Pod has a very clear understanding of how you can get the most from your AdWord spend.

Converting Visitors into Customers

A successful pay per click or AdWord campaign should see an increased flow of quality traffic to your website. The Marketing Pod believes that the process does not stop there. We want to ensure our clients are doing everything in their power to convert this website traffic into paying customers. We will review your website content and design and give advice on how to improve your website performance. We will also ensure that your PPC traffic is directed to the most relevant pages of your website and work with you to encourage customer calls for action.


Regular reporting on PPC campaigns is standard practice at The Marketing Pod. We will provide reports that show clients where they are listed, the performance of every keyword and your cost per click. We can demonstrate our results with clear easy to read reports that customers can keep and analyse and decide for themselves to continue the services of The Marketing Pod.

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